10+ B&B Bedroom Names

Bed and Breakfasts traditionally name each bedroom available to guests. This allows B&B owners, as well as their guests, to be able to distinguish between the rooms.  The B&B bedroom names can be based on any number of reasons.  Here are 10+ ways B&B bedroom names come about:

Bed and Breakfasts Named After Animals

Bed and breakfasts named after animals are easy to remember and can attract new guests. There is almost always a story behind the name.  If you are ever a guest at any of these inns, the innkeepers would most likely be happy to tell you how their name was chosen.

Bed and Breakfasts Named After Queen Anne

We feature seven bed and breakfasts named after Queen Anne.  The Queen Anne style in Britain refers to either the English Baroque architectural style approximately of the reign of Queen Anne (reigned 1702–1714), or a revived form that was popular in the last quarter of the 19th century and the early decades of the 20th century (known as Queen Anne revival).

Behind the Scenes Secrets to Disney Hospitality Magic

Hospitality providers should always analyze the experience from the guest’s perspective.  Disney defines “guestology” as the art and science of knowing and understanding their customers. More commonly known as “market research.”

Fun Bed and Breakfast Retreats

I went online to BnB Finder to search for bed and breakfasts and to my pleasant surprise, I found some fun bed and breakfast retreats.  These retreats include a board game tournament, a night walk, private art classes, and a literary weekend.

Gilchrist and Soames

Gilchrist and Soames collaborated with master perfumers to capture their Essential Elements Bathe Collection’s distinctive spirit and essence.  The fresh neroli fragrance will keep guests coming back for more, while high-performance antioxidants rejuvenate and nourish people’s skin and hair.

The Esmeralda Inn of Chimney Rock

Don and Kim Cason are no strangers to hospitality and innkeeping. Before becoming the current innkeepers of The Esmeralda Inn and Restaurant of Chimney Rock, North Carolina, they were innkeepers (for over ten years) at Eight Gables Inn of Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Cedar Cove’s Thyme and Tide B&B

The fictional Thyme and Tide Bed and Breakfast is featured in Cedar Cove, the #1 rated Prime time drama of 2013.  This television show airs at Saturdays at 8 pm EST on Hallmark Channel USA.  Season 2 premiered July 19 of 2014.

The Yellow House in Waynesville, NC

The Yellow House in Waynesville, North Carolina feel very welcome when they meet innkeepers Chad King and Josh Larson. We visited to tour Western Carolina University in nearby Cullowhee.

How to Choose Your Bed and Breakfast Name

Your bed and breakfast name sets the tone for what your guests can expect. A good name says a lot about an inn. You want the name to be memorable and give a great first impression.