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Dear Innkeeper,

Are you struggling to fill your rooms consistently? 

Are you tired of paying commissions because you rely on online travel agencies to find your guests?

Are you frustrated because unregulated and uninsured competitors (including some AirBnBs) are stealing your business?

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My name is Kristi Dement. Since 2013, I’ve been working one-on-one with individual inns, as well as a state B&B association with more than 35 member inns. And the results?


  • They consistently attract more B&B guests to book directly with them (thus paying less commissions to online travel agencies).
  • Many inns choose to offer profitable packages and specials that earn them even more revenue. Your hospitality business can earn money in many different ways and I will guide you to choose the best options for you.
  • Potential guests searching online (many from their mobile phones) find their inns by coming across their blog posts. I can guide you on the strategies to become more visible online through blogging.
  • We regularly share content on a variety of social networks so they stay top of mind (to previous guests as well as potential new guests). This works very well!

Have you been reluctant to take action? Let me, respectfully, ask you this: If you aren’t happy with your business, yet don’t do anything different than what you’re currently doing, then how will your business improve? How long is long enough Bed and Breakfast Blogging provides consulting and online marketing services that will help your B&B inn earn more revenue:


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B&B Marketing Consulting: Want to create more revenue for your B&B inn (beyond your rooms)? We offer professional hospitality consulting about packages, events, and retreats. We offer practical solutions so you attract more hospitality business. We help you determine which ways are the best fit for your inn & your ideal guests.


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Done-For-You B&B Blogging: We use keywords that attract potential guests to your local area. We emphasize the unique amenities & superior hospitality you offer guests. You’ll have greater visibility in the search engines. Looking for a steady flow of guests to visit your inn? Potential guests can find your B&B website when you have a consistent B&B blog. Search engines, like Google, reward websites having fresh content with higher rankings. 

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Done-For-You B&B Social Media: 
We maintain an active, strategic presence for you on the social media channels your target market uses. We share attractive images every time we post something in social media including your blog posts & your packages! It is equally important to have an active social media presence.  Being seen on popular social media websites puts your bed and breakfast on the top of their minds when guests think about where they want to vacation. Do you know the # of monthly active users on social media?

  • Facebook: 2.45 billion
  • Instagram: 1 billion
  • Linked In: 530 million 
  • Pinterest: 291 million
  • Twitter: 330 million
  • YouTube: 1.9 billion

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Done-For-You B&B Email Marketing: 
Our e-newsletters promote the best of your inn as well as your local area.  We share tips on your local hot spots, blog posts, your recipes, & your pictures.  This is a wonderful surprise reminder to guests (and potential guests) of why they want to vacation at your B&B inn.


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B&B Website Editing: We use the specific keywords your target bed and breakfast audience are using to find you online. This optimizes your content (makes it easier for the search engines to find your website) since it helps you rank higher in search engines for those specific keywords.


Contact Kristi Dement of Bed and Breakfast Blogging today for a FREE CONSULTATION!

We will put together a custom plan (specifically about your inn and your local area) to attract your target market. Not sure who your ideal guests would be? Let me help you! We will take several things into consideration including your local area, your amenities, and your talents & interests.

Curious? You have nothing to lose from a FREE phone consultation. If anything you can walk away having been better informed about your business options as the owner and innkeeper of a hospitality business. Don’t delay!


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