Ten Things to Blog About

We need a hook to “reel” our audiences in.  If we provide enough useful content on a regular basis, visitors will continue coming back. Here is a list of ten things to blog about:

  • Instructional–tell people how to do something, include tips
  • Insider information–Share some of our trade secrets
  • People love lists–top 10, reasons why, favorite, mistakes, etc.
  • Review a produce or service relevant for our readers
  • Interview a relevant expert and focus on their career
  • Write a how-to blog post
  • Hypothetical–answer a “what if…”
  • Content curating–tie together the ideas of others, adding value by sharing our input
  • Inspirational–motivational posts of good-news stories, examples of success, and writing about “what could be”
  • Informational–give information on a particular topic of interest to our readers
  • and the list goes on………..

This was just ten things to blog about. There are so many other creative ways to blog. The point is to be ever present in the minds of our blog readers through our words on the screen!

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