Send Out of Town Guests to Your Local B&B

stay at local B&B



“Ask family members stay at local B&B.” Bed and breakfast owners can appeal to local families feeling overwhelmed because all of their out-of-town relatives want to stay at their house this year. 



  • Perhaps those entertaining guests cannot comfortably house all of their guests overnight or the task is too overwhelming
  • This easy solution puts less stress on the host family to cook and clean for visiting family
  • This gives the visiting guests a chance to stay somewhere new and visit their relatives at the same time without feeling like a burden
  • The relatives staying at your bed and breakfast can experience the beauty of B&B vacations

There is no reason for those entertaining family to pull their hair out this holiday season. They can refer their family to stay at local B&B.  Everyone wins–those entertaining family, those visiting family, and the B&B owners who book more rooms!


Image by Marcus Berg of Unique Angles Photography

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