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25 Ways To Write Creative Blog Posts

If you are reading this, then I assume you are looking to be CREATIVE (and definitely not boring) when you write creative blog posts.  This way you will have plenty of admiring fans! 25 ways to write CREATIVE blog posts: 1. ADVICE– You have unique advice that only you can offer to your readers.  Once you understand who your … Read more

B&B Guests: Shoppers and Antique Lovers

Some guests consider themselves professional shoppers. They visit your bed and breakfast because of the terrific shopping available in your area.  Whether it is special boutiques, retail outlets, flea markets, or antique dealers, their mission is to find some great buys.  Some come as collectors to attend conventions for valuable items such as stamps, dolls, … Read more

Encouraging Your Guests To Return

Encouraging guests to return is good for business. Did you know that your best future business comes from past customers?  This works in two ways: your past customers can return for another visit or they can give a referral about your bed and breakfast to someone they know who decides to stay. By asking guests … Read more