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How To Make a Successful Bed and Breakfast Press Kit

    A successful bed and breakfast press kit can increase your inn’s likelihood for receiving media attention. Wondering what is a press kit? It is a package of media about your inn that makes it easier for a journalist or reporter to do a story about your bed and breakfast.   When you do … Read more

Amazing Bed and Breakfast Marketing From A to Z

  Amazing Bed and Breakfast Marketing From A to Z What if there was an amazing way to market your bed and breakfast by keeping the alphabet in mind? These are some of the most important factors to consider when blogging about your bed and breakfast inn.     Amenities: What extra amenities does your … Read more

How To Easily Attract More Guests To Your Inn

      How to easily attract more guests to your inn?  One key component is to focus on good things to do, things to see, food to taste, places to explore, and places to go in your local area.     First, ask yourself these questions: Why do most people visit our local area? … Read more

The Quick and Easy Way to Market Your Bed and Breakfast

    Looking for the quick and easy way to market your bed and breakfast? Share information from our essential bed and breakfast content checklist.  This can be shared on your website pages, in blog posts, in social media, in emails, in videos, and more.     Essential Bed and Breakfast Content Checklist:   Activities: … Read more

How To Create Remarkable Holiday and Seasonal Packages

I am presenting a Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII) webinar called “Creating Holiday and Seasonal B&B Packages” on Wednesday September 20, 2017 at 2 pm EST.  Attendees will hear examples from actual holiday and seasonal packages currently (or previously offered) at B&B inns. You will learn WHY you should offer holiday and seasonal B&B … Read more

Do You Know What Makes Your Inn Stand Out?

    What makes your inn stand out? Does it have a great view like the picture above?  It is critical to know what makes your bed and breakfast different from the others in your area. What types of guests do you attract?   Be sure to promote your unique features to potential guests on … Read more

Do Your B&B Headlines Get Attention?

  Do your B&B headlines get attention?  Co-Schedule offers a free tool called the “Headline Analyzer.”  It promises that you will learn how to write headlines that drive traffic, shares, and search results.  This is especially important in the travel industry. So why are headlines so important? It’s because they’re the first lines of your … Read more

How To Accomplish Your Bed and Breakfast Goals

      Consider writing down your bed and breakfast goals for next year.  Use the famous SMART acronym to make decisions.  This will help you accomplish your bed and breakfast goals.   Specific: Make sure that your goals are very specific.  First, ask yourself some questions. What are we trying to accomplish? What types … Read more

How You Can Profit From Creating Memorable Guest Packages

Please attend the webinar, “How You Can Profit From Creating Memorable Guest Packages.” This is scheduled for Wednesday November 16 at 2 pm. All members of the Professional Association of Innkeepers International may register to attend. How You Can Profit From Creating Memorable Guest Packages: Regardless of the number of rooms your inn has, every innkeeper … Read more

What To Look For In a Bed and Breakfast Blogger

  Do you wonder what to look for in a bed and breakfast blogger?  You may (or may not) have a blog for your bed and breakfast inn.  If you do have a blog, chances are you are so busy as an innkeeper that you really do not want to take the time to write … Read more