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Do you live in a Downton Abbey?

  Do you live in a Downton Abbey? Even if your bed and breakfast is historical, it may not have all the drama that came with the 6-season television show called Downton Abbey. One of the most talked about shows on television is the highest rated drama that PBS has ever had.   Available (at … Read more

Do You Know What Makes Your Inn Stand Out?

    What makes your inn stand out? Does it have a great view like the picture above? ┬áIt is critical to know what makes your bed and breakfast different from the others in your area. What types of guests do you attract?   Be sure to promote your unique features to potential guests on … Read more

Murder Mysteries

    Do you know that you could host murder mysteries at your bed and breakfast? Not real ones of course! Many bed and breakfasts invite guests to participate in a who-did-it type murder mystery.     The variety of murder mystery options include any of the following: Using written kits with script booklets. Assigning … Read more