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The Love of Learning

If you have the love of learning, you might say yes to any of the following:

  • You read books titled “Useless Information” or other trivia or fact type books
  • You still take classes (even though you may already have one college degree or more)
  • You read the books from recommended reading lists
  • You know your library card number by heart
  • You watch Jeopardy on TV and play board games that make you think
  • You solve word puzzles and logic puzzles
  • You listen to audio books or lectures while you ride in the car or exercise
  • You like to ask people in-depth questions about anything and everything
  • You watch all the educational type programs on Net Flix versus mindless entertainment
  • You have taken an online class (or earned a degree online)
  • You love to ask questions and tend to be philosophical
  • You know the difference between a hold and an inter-library loan at your public library
  • You have continued reading this far
  • You love to make lists, set goals, tackle projects
  • People ask you for advice because they consider you to be “a smart person”

I confess that I will never stop learning!  There is absolutely too much exciting information to know!!  I wish you happy reading, listening, and watching if you have the love of learning!

Top Ten Reasons to Love Change

I love change.  Life is about change. Here are the Top Ten Reasons to Love Change:

1.  Change happens whether you want it to or not–so you might as well embrace it.

2.  Being open to change allows you the freedom and courage to take on new and different things.

3.  People will admire your ability to roll with the punches.  You make it look effortless.

4.  Others will come to you for advice because you stay on the cutting edge of information and technology.

5.  Change can mean improvement if you seek to make things even better than they are right now.

6.  Change means not the same old, same old.  It is out with the old and in with the new.

7.  Welcoming new changes can lead to awesome opportunities.  Don’t be afraid to do something different.

8.  If it is not working, then why stick with it?

9.  Change brings about new experiences that could impact your life in many wonderful ways.

10. If you love change, then you love life because life is full of change.  So love life!

That is a general success principle in life–to always seek improvement (which, by the way, requires change)!

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