Senior Citizen Discount

senior citizen discount


Have you ever thought about attracting seniors to stay at your bed and breakfast?  They are a group that generally has more free time and less responsibilities at home because they have grown children.  Seniors may also have a more limited budget.  By extending a senior citizen discount, you are welcoming them to visit your inn.


You can specify:

  • Age (ex: 60+)
  • Time of week (ex: Sun-Thurs.)
  • Discount (percentage off or flat rate off)

You should state that you require they show proof of age upon arrival.  You may want to exclude holidays or other peak times.  Sometimes bed and breakfasts accept AARP discount cards.  Your willingness to lower your prices can earn you more money because you have more guests visiting your bed and breakfast.  Be sure to promote this on your website, blog, and social media.


Image by Marcus Berg of Unique Angles Photography

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