Do You Have Enough Recipes For Your Own Cookbook?




If you have had your own Bed and Breakfast for a while now, you have probably collected enough recipes for your own cookbook.  You can check out other recipes posted online and tested by other inn keepers across the country.


Some bed and breakfast cookbooks are collections of recipes from their own state.  The Michigan Bed and Breakfast Cookbook and the California Bed and Breakfast Cookbook are two examples.  Find out if your state has a Bed and Breakfast Association with a published cookbook.

Some bed and breakfasts sell their very own cookbook to their guests.  Then the guests have a reminder of their stay and can try to cook some of the same foods that had when they stayed at your bed and breakfast.

Feel free to post some of your recipes in your blog. You may actually get some web traffic from people searching for a recipe. They can serendipitously come to your website and instantly think about the possibility of staying at your bed and breakfast.

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