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How To Provide Luxury Hospitality To Your Guests

luxury hospitality in bedroom with skylight and other amenities


Luxury hospitality is not limited to the world’s best luxury hoteliers. In fact, there are elite bed and breakfast inns who offer luxury hospitality to their guests. This post features the book A Wealth of Insight: The World’s Best Luxury Hoteliers on Leadership, Management, and the Future of 5-Star Hospitality by Ratim B. Kanami.

This book shares valuable information. Impressively, the author interviewed ore than thirty-five of the world’s best luxury hoteliers. Furthermore, many of these luxury hospitality providers made similarly excellent points. Thus, this shows the consistency of top notch hospitality.

Luxury Hospitality Treats Guests With Respect

  • Actively listens to guests to gain their trust
  • Agreeable and open-minded
  • Anticipates the needs of guests
  • Attentive to the smallest of details
  • Attitude of service to all guests
  • Calm and caring even in difficult situations
  • Clearly communicates with others
  • Connects with guests on an emotional level
  • Conversations to better understand guests
  • Culturally sensitive and appreciative
  • Decisive without arrogance
  • Empathy and understanding to guests
  • Flexible and open to new ways of doing things
  • Friendship with guests
  • Genuinely and actively listens to guests
  • Gives guests a sense of privacy
  • Goes above and beyond guest expectations
  • Guests feel welcomed and appreciated
  • Honest and genuine apologies
  • Intelligently handles guest issues
  • Kind and sincere to guests
  • Knows guest likes, dislikes, preferences, allergies
  • Learns from mistakes
  • Memorable stays inspire return visits
  • Never says no if possible to fulfill a guest request
  • Offers solutions to guest complaints
  • Passionate about serving others
  • Personal interaction and touches
  • Proactive without being aggressive
  • Rapport building with guests
  • Reasonably responds to guests
  • Resolves issues with fairness
  • Strives for excellence in all things
  • Treats others with respect
  • Understands that different people have different expectations

Luxury Hospitality Offers Authentic Local Experiences

  • Aware of what guests want
  • Authentic design and decor for locale
  • Continually learns about guests without being intrusive
  • Custom touches like personalized birthday cakes
  • Every detail matters to guests
  • Experiences and emotional connections
  • Food, wine, and amenities reflect locale
  • Guests look for authentic local experiences
  • In-depth knowledge about the area
  • Local experts guide to hidden gems
  • Local business partnerships
  • Offers tailor-made experiences
  • Offers experiences guests could not arrange on their own
  • Personalizes hospitality to please each guest
  • Memorable experiences unique to location
  • Rewards frequent guests
  • Showcases the best of local and traditional art and culture
  • Today’s traveler looking for inspiring experiences

Luxury Hospitality Provides Technology To Guests

  • Charging stations for electronic devices
  • Digital concierge including text messaging and email
  • Free high-speed wireless connectivity
  • Hospitality includes human touch
  • Inviting videos
  • Large, flat-screen televisions
  • Mobile website with robust reservation system
  • Online reviews to learn from guest experiences
  • Plenty of USB ports
  • Pre-arrival email to learn more about guest preferences
  • Real-time responses and engagement
  • Reputation management on social media and online review platforms
  • Responds to comments via social media
  • Some guests may be more comfortable texting than calling
  • Technology integrated to enhance the guest experience
  • Technology does not replace personal interaction with guests

Thus, luxury hospitality treats guests with respect. Secondly, it offers authentic local experiences. Thirdly, it provides guests with technology. Thus, you must have a bed and breakfast marketing strategy. Please contact Kristi Dement for a free consultation.


Image by Marcus Berg of Unique Angles Photography

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