Fresh Content Keeps Them Coming Back

fresh content keeps them coming back

Did you know that by updating your website with fresh web content, you are encouraging potential bed and breakfast guests to keep coming back?  As people get to know you and your bed and breakfast through the new content on your B&B’s blog, they will want to return to your website. More importantly, your bed and breakfast will be on their minds the next time they want to go on vacation.


Did you know that search engines love fresh content?  In fact, the web gives preference to fresh content versus web content that has not changed.  The web spiders have a reason to crawl your website to pick up on those additional keywords you are feeding them. People appreciate the new information as well. Fresh content keeps them coming back.

Just like a relationship can get stale unless things are changed up a bit, a website needs to continually be revised. This adds appeal to returning visitors.  It will increase your search rankings so that you will be higher ranked on the results pages.  The higher ranked you are in the search engine, the more likely your website will organically be on the first page of the search results–without you having to pay for ads!

No need to worry if you do not have a way with the written word, Kristi Dement and her team at Bed and Breakfast Blogging can do all the work when it comes to writing blogs and adding social media presence.  We will be sure to write about your unique strengths and interests, so that your guests can get to know you and all about your bed and breakfast.


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