Encouraging Your Guests To Return

Encouraging guests to return is good for business. Did you know that your best future business comes from past customers?  This works in two ways: your past customers can return for another visit or they can give a referral about your bed and breakfast to someone they know who decides to stay.

By asking guests the reason for their visit, you can gain valuable information. Maybe they are coming to your bed and breakfast for an annual event in your community.  Knowing that, you can send a reminder of your inn at the right time next year.

It is a good idea to track guests’ birthdays and anniversaries. This information makes it easy for you to send a post card in plenty of time for them to book a room to celebrate their occasion.

This also gives you ideas on what to promote for services.  You could offer a birthday package or anniversary package. Packages can include things such as flower arrangements, chocolate, in-room massages, and tickets to an event. There is no limit to your creativity!

So by knowing the reason for their visit, you can promote your bed and breakfast to them at the right times of the year.  This makes them feel special that you remembered and it leads to more business for you!

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