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Hosting The Business Traveler

the business traveler


Have you thought about promoting your bed and breakfast to the business traveler? Your B&B may be in a quiet area that is not too far from major companies.  You can offer a discounted rate to corporate business people.  One bed and breakfast called their promotion code “BIZRATE”.



You can emphasize all the reasons why the business traveler should want to stay with you:

  • Their own desk area with comfortable office chair
  • Wi-fi
  • Fax machine
  • Alarm clock
  • Located near a copy store like Kinko’s
  • Peace and quiet
  • Free parking
  • Flexible check-in times
  • Adjustable breakfast arrangements (including “to go”)
  • Lenient cancellation policy (ex: no penalty for canceling by noon on the day prior to your scheduled arrival)

Some B&B’s choose to limit this offer to specific rooms or do not make this promotion available at certain times of the year.  As an innkeeper, you can offer the traveler a certain percentage off their room.  One bed and breakfast offers 20% off the first night and 33% off all other nights.

You can emphasize that they will receive the same great breakfast, same wonderful service, and they are staying at an awesome place.  Be sure to discuss this promotion on your website, in your blog, and through social media. You may even contact local area major corporations to let them know their out-of-town employees and customers can stay at your bed and breakfast.  Be sure to take advantage of your closeness to major businesses.


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Parents of College Students


parents of college students


Is your bed and breakfast located near a college or university?  You should attract the parents of college students who live in your area.  Specify what schools their students must attend in order for their parents to receive the discount.  You may decide to blackout certain dates such as graduation weekend or holidays.


One bed and breakfast offers college parents who stay six nights, to have the seventh night for free.  Discounting the room rate or taking a certain dollar amount off are other ways to provide value to their parents.

You can advertise your bed and breakfast discount in a university magazine or newspaper as well as list it on your website, blog, and through social media. This is a great way to get repeat visitors since their son or daughter will likely attend the school for several years!


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B&B Guests: Business Travelers

business travelers


Business travelers may decide that they would like the bed and breakfast experience rather than an impersonal hotel. You can attract them by appealing to their needs. For example, in your local area, there may be a business conference in your area or a large corporation nearby or your inn may have its own conference room.


You can cater to their unique business needs by providing things such as a roomy desk with a comfortable office chair and wi-fi internet access as well as a coffeepot with freshly brewed coffee in their own room.  You can find out the most convenient time for them to eat their breakfast. When you go out of your way to be hospitable, they will remember your extra consideration and be a regularly returning guest!


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B&B Guests: Sports Spectators

sports spectators


Sports spectators may be attracted to visit your bed and breakfast. Your guests could be staying with you because of local area tournaments and games or even major sporting events like hockey or racing in a nearby stadium.  Your guests may not play the particular sport, but they sure do enjoy watching it live and in person.


You can offer tickets to local sporting events and tournaments as part of a sports spectators package.  Your sports package entices more guests to visit your bed and breakfast.  You can even offer extras such as T-shirts and sweatshirts with your bed and breakfast’s name on it. Your sports spectators could even be seen wearing your B&B’s apparel at the televised sporting event they attend!


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B&B Guests: Special Occasions

special occasions


Special occasions like a wedding, honeymoon, birthday, anniversary, graduation, or reunion may be the reason for your bed and breakfast guests visit.  When you communicate with them, be sure to find out if they are coming for a memorable reason.

You may offer a special package for honeymooners or people celebrating their birthday or anniversary. Depending upon the size of your bed and breakfast and the number of relatives, you could offer a deal to a family if they book all of your rooms.



Make mutually beneficial agreements with local florists, musicians, and other business people offering complementary services. You can refer each other to more business.  Just as important, your guests will appreciate how you treated them (especially during their celebration of special occasions) so much that not only will they return again, they will also refer your bed and breakfast to other potential guests.


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B&B Guests: Sight Seers

sight seers


Your bed and breakfast may attract sight seers.  If you are near a great little town like Carlton or a major tourist attraction like the Grand Canyon, you will have guests who want to visit it.  If your B&B is near a university, you can find out when certain events, like Parents Weekend, are being held on the college campus.

Knowing , for example, that Grand Canyon National Park may have some free dates of admission (or more importantly, the facts about the attractions near you) can help you plan and promote your bed and breakfast marketing.

Remember that your website, blog, and social media presence are a big part of getting the word out to potential guests and will lead to more booked rooms!


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B&B Guests: Shoppers and Antique Lovers


Some guests consider themselves professional shoppers. They visit your bed and breakfast because of the terrific shopping available in your area.  Whether it is special boutiques, retail outlets, flea markets, or antique dealers, their mission is to find some great buys.  Some come as collectors to attend conventions for valuable items such as stamps, dolls, and cars. Whatever their reason, your website and blog can promote these opportunities and events.

B&B Guests: Relaxation #1 Priority



Relaxation may be the #1 priority of some of your guests. These guests will retreat to your bed and breakfast simply because they want a calm scenic place to relax and not have anything to do. They may just sit and watch the lovely ocean or mountain views your B&B may have.



Their idea of relaxation may be quiet things such as reading, picnicking, and crocheting. You can assure them they will have the peace and tranquility they are seeking when they become your guests.  If you offer an in-room massage or house a home library, be sure to mention that in your phone conversation and feature that on your website.


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B&B Guests: Hobby Lovers

hobby lovers



Hobby lovers may be attracted to stay at your bed and breakfast. Common outdoor hobbies include photography and bird watching.  Other hobbies include scrap-booking and writing.



There may even be a local conference related to their hobby in your area.  This is a great opportunity for you to offer a special package to your enthused hobbyists.  Assure your hobby lovers that they will have the quiet they need and beautiful scenery they want when they stay at your bed and breakfast.  This is a win-win situation!


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B&B Guests: History Buffs

history buffs


History buffs could want to stay at your bed and breakfast because they want to tour historic buildings as well as monuments or local museums in your area.  You can take advantage of your prime location, and contact these places ahead of time to make arrangements for your guests to have tickets.


For example, in Asheville, North Carolina, the largest private mansion in the United States called the Biltmore Estate is located near a number of bed and breakfasts.  Many of these bed and breakfasts emphasize their close proximity and include tickets to the estate in a package they offer.

You may not have a huge estate in your area, but hopefully there is something historic that people tour in your local area.  If your bed and breakfast is historic, then play up your knowledge of its history and previous owners. History buffs love gaining a better appreciation for times long ago and learning about the past!


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