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Is Your B&B Green?

is your B&B green?



Is your B&B green? Would you like to know a way to possibly reduce your costs and be environmentally friendly? A “green” bed and breakfast has the goal of promoting the sustainability of the earth’s natural resources.


There are four main areas of green initiatives:

  • energy efficiency
  • conservation of water and other natural resources
  • waste reduction
  • education

Some practical applications of this include:

  • encouraging guests to re-use their towels and linens
  • using soap dispensers instead of individually wrapped bars of soap
  • low-flow shower heads and toilets
  • using green cleaning supplies with safe cleaning agents
  • replacing incandescent light bulbs with compact flourescent light bulbs
  • re-insulating your bed and breakfast
  • installing solar panels on the roof
  • having an energy efficient furnace
  • installing a rainwater collection system to redirect the water to your inn’s garden
  • composting everything possible
  • recycling and purchasing recycled products

You can proclaim your inn’s commitment to protecting the environment by implementing these practices.  In the long run, this could save you money with lower energy bills.  If you belong to a state bed and breakfast association, they may be able to endorse you as a green bed and breakfast if someone evaluates your green practices.  You can promote to your guests that you are a green bed and breakfast.


Image by Marcus Berg of Unique Angles Photography