B&B’s That Welcome Pets

B&Bs that welcome pets

Petswelcome.com features accommodations that allow lodging for traveler’s pets.  This website has a specific section that allows guests to locate B&Bs that welcome pets.

The advantages to allowing pets include: standing out to potential guests only willing to stay at a place that allows pets, looking hospitable to animals, and enabling the B&B owners to have their own pets.

The disadvantages include: not attracting people who are afraid of or allergic to pets, the wear and tear of housing pets, and the potential negative interactions between pets and unfamiliar people or pets with each other.

There is a happy compromise that some bed and breakfast owners are able to do. For the owners that have separate cottages or rooms with private entrances, they can be pet friendly while insuring to their other guests that the pets will remain in those areas only.

Whichever you decide, you can make it an important selling point.  To the B&B’s that welcome pets, you will attract pet owners.  To the B&B’s that do not allow pets, you may attract more romantic couples.  Be sure to designate whether you allow pets or not on your website and marketing materials. You can check out our Pinterest page of bed and breakfast pets!


Image by Marcus Berg of Unique Angles Photography

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