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What You Need To Know About Our Retreat Business Academy Bonuses

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Our Retreat Business Academy Bonuses will blow you away! Beginning Monday September 16, we start enrollment for our exclusive program. Retreat Business Academy is the most comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program for entrepreneurs excited about running a smoothly-operating, profit-generating retreat business.


Retreat Business Academy Bonuses

Plus, we’re offering some awesome bonuses you don’t want to miss! You get amazing Bonus Content to help you generate unstoppable momentum in your Retreat Business Academy journey!


  • Social Media Content Calendar (This BONUS is Available Only Through 9/19/19): Every day of the year you receive a thoughtful question and a famous quote; we also list official and fun unofficial holidays & trending hashtags.
  • “30+ Social Media Content Themes”: To consistently feature a variety of content aimed at attracting your target audience.
  • “How To Name Your Retreat Better Than Your Baby”: Clever and memorable ideas so your retreats stand out.
  • “Why You Need A Vacation Guide On Your Accommodations Website”: Tells what you can include and and how to profitably partner with places in your local area.
  • “How To Set Awesome Goals You Will Achieve”: Includes strategic questions that will maximize your success.
  • “How To Get The Most From Your Event and Retreat Website”: You’ll learn the key website features essential to distinguishing you from your competition.
  • 10 Relaxing Retreat Icebreakers: Helps enhance communication among your retreat participants.
  • “How To Create Your Own Press Kit For More Publicity”: Valuable information that will teach you how to attract the media to feature you for FREE!
  • Lifetime Directory Listing to start your marketing and keep it going strong!
  • Group Retreats and Coaching: For camaraderie and mentorship with other retreat owners.
  • Unlimited support!


Lifetime Access Guaranteed PLUS Ongoing Support!

You will have lifetime access to Retreat Business Academy, including all updates for free.  The course will be updated once a year to keep the information current.  Plus, you receive lifetime access to the Retreat Academy Members Only group where you will get support and ideas through your entire retreat business journey. We succeed when you succeed! Also, you’ll love the Retreat Business Academy bonuses!


Did You See “Falling Inn Love” The Movie?

Netflix Movie "Falling Inn Love"


At the time of this writing, there is a new movie called, “Falling Inn Love” that is streaming on Netflix. It is an American romantic comedy film directed by Roger Kumble. From a screenplay by Elizabeth Hackett and Hilary Galanoy that was released on August 29, 2019. The movie stars Christina Milian and Adam Demos.


Meet Gabby

A busy professional woman named Gabby Diaz, from San Francisco, wins a bed and breakfast in an essay contest. Since she lost her job and left her boyfriend, her hopes lift after the news of earning this prize. However, the inn is located all the way over in New Zealand.

After three bus rides, she sets her suitcase down on a steep gravel road and it crashes into the truck of a guy willing to give her a ride. She declines his help. When she finally gets there, it is nothing like the picture shown in the contest. As she is touring this place (in much need of repair) she hears a strange noise coming from inside a closet. When she opens the closet, she is shocked to see a goat she later learns is named Gilbert.

Meet Jake

Gabby is an independent woman and is reluctant to receive help fixing up her place. However, being low on funds, she makes an agreement with an attractive contractor named Jake Taylor (who happens to be the same person that offered her a ride earlier).  Sadly, Jake’s girlfriend died a few years ago so he is also single. They keep running into each other in town. He teases that she is following him.

Their Renovating Challenges

Together they make an agreement to restore the inn and split the profits. Of course, it would not be a very good story, if the characters did not have even more challenges. Her challenges include a local innkeeper wanting to buy her inn, having differences of opinion with Jake about the restoration of the inn, and her former boyfriend surprising her with a visit and bringing along another prospective buyer.

Along the way, as she gets to know more about Jake, she also grows closer to the helpful people in the town. Not being from New Zealand, she hears several interesting phrases and learns she is driving on the wrong side of the road! I highly recommend this movie if you like romantic, feel-good movies. The “Falling Inn Love” movie is rated PG and is 98 minutes.