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How to Have a Thriving Bed and Breakfast Biz

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Wondering how to have a thriving bed and breakfast biz? Consistently booked rooms AND a profitable hospitality business? Bed and Breakfast Blogging helps make that happen with our professional blogging and social media expertise.

Blogging is a great way for guests (and potential guests) to get to know all about your fabulous bed and breakfast as well as your area attractions. The benefits of blogging include:

  • attracting more people to your bed and breakfast
  • providing fresh content that search engines reward
  • positioning yourself as a top bed and breakfast
  • increasing trust and credibility with your guests

We can tailor keyword specific content for your bed and breakfast website as well as attract more visitors with a regular blog.  We can describe wonderful amenities of your bed and breakfast such as a cozy fireplace, romantic whirlpool tub, and plush king-sized bed as well as a private balcony, spacious swimming pool, and flowering gardens.

Imagine your potential customers reading about your delicious breakfasts and even sharing some of your delicious recipes with them. Bed and Breakfast Blogging can discuss the unique history of your own bed and breakfast. We can even write about your custom packages that may include concert tickets, spa treatments, and tickets to local attractions.  

We take the time to understand what make your accommodations so special so we can communicate that with your audience. We can feature any of the following (and more) that apply to your property:

  • Amenities
  • Art
  • Classes available to guests
  • Cookbook(s)
  • Complimentary (extras that guests receive at no additional charge)
  • Flowers (arrangements and plantings)
  • Gardens and landscaping
  • Gift shop
  • Guest rooms and bathrooms
  • Jacuzzi/hot tub(s)
  • Meeting space
  • Parking space
  • Pools to pool tables
  • Private events (birthdays, anniversaries, showers, etc.)
  • Restaurant
  • Retreats you host
  • Spa and spa services
  • Tea room
  • Vehicle charging station
  • Weddings
  • Wine collection or tours
  • Yoga

Contact us today so we can set up your own personalized business strategy to unlock your B&B’s greatest potential. We help bed and breakfasts become more profitable as well as grow their social media presence and add effective blog posts that feature what makes you, and your local area, worth experiencing. We take care of marketing your bed and breakfast inn so you can take care of your guests! 

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Are You Making The Most With Pinterest?

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Bed and Breakfast Blogging is making the most with Pinterest. We have over 265 Pinterest boards (organized groups of pins by themes or categories) and 30,000 people view our pins every month! That is the power of Pinterest! We do not have all the United States represented, but our goal is to feature B&B’s from every state in the country.

The Pinboards (where Pinterest users can group pins that are similar in some way) that you focus on will depend entirely on your target audience (who you host or would like to host as guests), your local area (including climate and attractions), your amenities (like swimming pool or billiard pool table), your packages (and specials), etc.

The following lists ideas for specific pin boards. It all depends upon what applies to you. Include as many of your own pictures as possible to attract more guests. You may want to have your inn’s name (or your website address) on each pin, so that when each one is shared, others know it is your pin.

  • Activities (popular activities in your area such as hiking and canoeing)
  • Awards (Select Registry Member, Diamond Property, TripAdvisor, etc.)
  • Amenities (electronic charging stations, in-room coffee pots, etc.)
  • Antiques (found in your inn and/or antiques for sale)
  • Art (your own art and/or art for sale)
  • Balcony (pictures of the balcony and the views from it)
  • Baskets (your own baskets, holiday baskets, and/or gift baskets for sale)
  • Bath amenities (soaps, salts, lotions, etc.)
  • Bathrooms (feature tubs, showers, and sinks as well as linens)
  • Beach (indoor decor and outdoor items related to the beach)
  • Bedrooms (be sure to have pictures of every guest room)
  • Birds in your area (for guests who enjoy bird watching)
  • Blog posts (each of your blog posts can be grouped on one pin board)
  • Bread (your own recipes and/or recipes that look good to make)
  • Breakfasts (your own breakfasts and/or breakfasts you’d like to make)
  • Brick (pictures of your brick exterior and/or paths)
  • Cabins/Cottages (you can choose a separate pin board per cabin or cottage)
  • Christmas (your indoor & outdoor decor as well as local area sights & events)
  • Cinco de Mayo (if you have some fun recipes and/or decor)
  • Collections (share collectibles you have on display for guests)
  • Common areas (guests like to see these before they arrive)
  • Cookbook(s) (if you have your own for sale or recommend other cookbooks)
  • Crepes (your own crepes that you make or recipes you have found)
  • Country (feature what is unique about your country including its flag)
  • Decks (show the deck areas on your property)
  • Decor (feature unique decor, seasonal decor, and party decor)
  • Desserts (your own desserts and/or recipes you’d like to make)
  • Dining (your own dining area(s) for breakfast and for other events)
  • Doors (if you have decorative doors, you may want to feature them together)
  • Easter (decor, fashion, recipes, themes, wreaths, etc.)
  • Eggs (your own egg dishes as well as recipes that look good)
  • Entertainment (at your inn and/or in your local area)
  • Entrances (if you have any grand entrances to show off)
  • Events You Host (you can have separate pin boards by the type of event it is)
  • Fall (decor, fashion, recipes, themes, wreaths, etc.)
  • Farm (animals, crops, land, equipment, etc.)
  • Features (pin any positive press or attention you or your inn received)
  • Festivals (local and regional festivals–especially annual events)
  • Fire pit (your own fire pit & maybe guests roasting marshmallows for s’mores)
  • Fireplaces (if you have many fireplaces, you can feature them together)
  • Flowers (have different flower boards by season if you have enough images)
  • Food (food that you serve to guests including goodies and at events)
  • Fountains (outdoor and indoor fountains can be quite attractive)
  • Foyer (for those who have impressive looking foyers)
  • French Toast (your own recipes and/or recipes you’d like to make)
  • Fruit (your own fresh fruit and/or recipes that look good)
  • Furniture (you can feature different types of furniture on their own pin boards)
  • Games (board games, cards, outdoor games like croquet, etc.)
  • Garden (plants, vegetables, herbs you grow, etc. or local public gardens)
  • Gazebos (including those decorated for events or lit up at night)
  • Girlfriend getaways (or guy getaways if you offer them)
  • Gluten free (share your own gluten-free recipes as well as others’ recipes)
  • Green Inn (Green leader award, solar panels, energy efficient light bulbs, etc.)
  • Groups (groups that you host like a local book club or Chamber of Commerce)
  • Hallways (especially if they are seasonally decorated or feature antiques)
  • Handicapped (elevator, wheelchair ramps, handicap accessible amenities, etc.)
  • Hanukkah (lighting the menorah, decor, recipes, gifts, etc.)
  • History (historic inns can feature past owner(s) and notable past)
  • Holidays (major and minor holidays your inn celebrates)
  • Home Decor (themed decor, seasonal decor, and more)
  • Hot tubs (if you have multiple hot tubs on your property)
  • Innkeepers (your pictures, names, inn roles, activities, hobbies, talents, etc.)
  • Kid-Friendly (playground, kid-friendly menu and rooms, swimming pool, etc.)
  • Kitchen (for either behind-the-scenes look or if open to your guests)
  • Lake (views of the lake as well as from the look to your property)
  • Library (books, DVDs, games, etc.)
  • Lighthouses (your own B&B lighthouse or local/regional lighthouses)
  • Lights (indoor and outdoor lights as well as holiday lights)
  • Linens (your plush towels and sheets)
  • Local area (popular places and activities in your local area)
  • Local businesses (promote other local businesses to share the local love)
  • Lodges (for lodges or log cabins)
  • Mirrors (maybe you have a unique collection of mirrors throughout your place)
  • Modern (modern inns can feature their modern design, decor, and amenities)
  • Mother’s Day (moms love bed and breakfasts, you may have a mom package)
  • Mountains (your mountain views as well as views of your inn from the outside)
  • Murals (feature any murals or uniquely painted areas at your inn)
  • Murder Mysteries (pictures of guests in costume, clues, dinner, etc.)
  • Packages (include the valid dates for the specific package on each pin)
  • Pancakes (your own pancake recipes as well as recipes you want to make)
  • Parlors (especially common in historic inns)
  • Patios (outdoor patio areas with their furniture, amenities, and views)
  • Patriotic (patriotic holidays like 4th of July, Memorial Day, and Veteran’s Day)
  • Pet-Friendly (feature guest pets, where they sleep and play, & your own pets)
  • Pillows (your own pillows or pillows you like based on a theme like location)
  • Pinterest (tips on making the most with Pinterest)
  • Plants (indoor and outdoor plants)
  • Ponds (outdoor ponds and plant and animal life)
  • Pools (indoor and outdoor pools and other amenities like chairs and floats)
  • Porches (views of your porches as well as from your porches)
  • Quotes (pin by theme like travel quotes, success quotes, etc.)
  • Ranches (feature animals, buildings, equipment, events, etc.)
  • Recipes I Want to Make Soon (an easy-to-find place for recipes of interest)
  • Red Chair (if the Red Chair made it to your inn and/or town)
  • Restaurant (your own restaurant with its food, decor, and staff members)
  • Retreats (each type of retreat you host should have its own pin board)
  • Robes (plush robes your guests can wear and/or buy from you)
  • Romantic (romantic packages, amenities, places, poems, vows, etc.)
  • Scrap-booking (if you host scrap-booking retreats, show guests & scrapbooks)
  • Shop (if you have your own shop, the items you have for sale)
  • Shopping (local and regional shopping places including downtown and malls)
  • Shows (your inn hosts and/or shows in your local area)
  • Signs (your outdoor sign, bedroom door signs, local area signs, etc.)
  • Skies (share images of different looking skies throughout the year)
  • Social Media (pictures of and links to your other social media websites)
  • Soups (your own soups and/or soup recipes you want to share)
  • Spa/spa services (your own spa, in-room spa services, or local spa partners)
  • Specials (discounts for last minute, or off-season, or mid-week, etc.)
  • Spring (seasonal decor, fashion, foods, flowers, activities, wreaths, etc.)
  • Stained Glass (found in historic homes and former churches turned inns)
  • Stairs (indoor and outdoor stairs that are unique in some way)
  • State (state bird, motto, flag, flower, etc.)
  • Statues (indoor and outdoor statues on your property or in your area)
  • Stoneware (coffee mugs, cookie jars, plates, etc.)
  • Stonework (impressive and/or unusual stonework on your property)
  • Summer (decor, fashion, food, flowers, recipes, activities, wreaths, etc.)
  • Sun Rooms (view from your sun rooms as well as of your sun rooms)
  • Tablescapes (featuring different themes, events, or holidays)
  • Tea (tea time at your inn and/or your own tea room)
  • Technology (wi-fi, video streaming services, device charging stations, etc.)
  • Terrace (views from your terrace as well as images of your terrace)
  • Tile (tile throughout your property both indoors and outdoors)
  • Travel tips (what to pack, ways to travel, etc.)
  • Tree houses (do you have a B&B treehouse or a treehouse at your B&B?)
  • Tropical (your tropical location if applicable)
  • Urban (your urban setting and amenities)
  • Valentines Day (crafts, decor, gifts, ideas, packages, wreaths, etc.)
  • Vegetables (that you grow or that you got from your local Farmers Market)
  • Vegan and/or vegetarian (that you make and/or you think will taste good)
  • Videos (your own as well as other local videos and tourism promotions)
  • Waffles (your own waffle recipes as well as recipes you’d like to make)
  • Wallpaper (historic homes tend to have wallpaper more so than modern inns)
  • Water (swimming pools, hot tubs, lakes, rivers, oceans, etc.)
  • Weddings (indoor, outdoor, and tent weddings and receptions)
  • Windows (stained glass, skylights, bay windows, etc.)
  • Wine (if you offer wine tastings and/or there are local vineyard tours)
  • Winter (seasonal decor, fashion, recipes, wreaths, etc.)
  • Yoga (yoga for guests each morning and/or yoga retreats)

You can use a social media scheduler like Buffer, Hootsuite, Pingraphy, Tailwind or Viral Tag to share pins now or later. This above list was a suggestion of what you can post. This is not to say that other pin boards would not work as well. When you know your target audience (the guests you would like to host) and their interests as well as what you offer, you can pin relevant things they like. Happy Pinning!

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