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The Tao of Twitter (Part 4)

This is the last part of a four-blog-post series highlighting useful information from the hot #1 bestselling book on Twitter: The Tao of Twitter by Mark W. Schaefer.  One of Mark’s essential keys to Twitter success involves providing meaningful content. His suggestions include: Tweet about what interests you Share what you are reading online Link … Read more

The Tao of Twitter (Part 3)

If you have not yet read the #1 bestselling book about Twitter by Mark W. Schaefer, called The Tao of Twitter, we highly recommend it.  We have shared how Twitter can help you get more business as well as explained Mark’s three essential components to achieving Tao: Targeted connections Meaningful content Authentic helpfulness   We … Read more

The Tao of Twitter (Part 2)

Bed and Breakfast Blogging has been sharing some highlights from the excellent social media marketing book about Twitter called The Tao of Twitter. If you remember, one of the three essentials to achieving Twitter Tao is called, “authentic helpfulness.”  The author, Mark W. Schaefer, referring to this concept: Friendships are built on trust and that … Read more

Fun Bed and Breakfast Retreats

I went online to BnB Finder to search for bed and breakfasts and to my pleasant surprise, I found some fun bed and breakfast retreats. These retreats include a board game tournament, a night walk, private art classes, and a literary weekend.  Typically, most bed and breakfasts do not offer these kinds of special retreats which … Read more