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25 Ways To Write Creative Blog Posts

If you are reading this, then I assume you are looking to be CREATIVE (and definitely not boring) when you write creative blog posts.  This way you will have plenty of admiring fans! 25 ways to write CREATIVE blog posts: 1. ADVICE– You have unique advice that only you can offer to your readers.  Once you understand who your … Read more

How To Get Started Blogging

  I recently received a comment from a reader asking about how they could get started blogging. As a professional blogger and librarian, the first thing I recommend to get started blogging is to read successful blogs and to read about blogging. I recommend the following resources:     Technorati is a website that lists the top … Read more

Union Gables Inn and Suites

I want to share with you my interview with the Head of Marketing, Carla Smith, about bed and breakfast Union Gables Inn and Suites of Saratoga Springs, New York.  So why do people love staying at Union Gables Inn and Suites? We offer all the luxury amenities like an outdoor pool, free wifi, plush bathrobes … Read more